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Over the years I have collected a vast treasure trove of terminological data. If I can’t readily figure out how to integrate it into it gets archived at The documents in this archive will mainly be stumbled across by people searching for terms online (and are in no particular order).

CafeTran-brown.png Old CafeTran wiki

Several years ago, Hans Lenting and I tried to create the ultimate CafeTran manual/resource (using the platform). ‘CafeTran Help’, was basically a volunteer-based project, with around three/four volunteers. After a few years, we gave up. Even though a lot of it is now outdated, it still contains a lot of useful information. The last version of our work is archived at Old CafeTran wiki.

I currently recommend Jean Dimitriadis’ amazing ‘TheCafeTranFiles’. As well as the official resources: CafeTran Knowledge Base, and the Official CafeTran forum.