Areas of expertise

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Although I’m at home in a wide range of fields – ranging from user manuals and audit reports to contracts and articles of association – most of my work currently consists of patents and technical material.

These are a few of the areas I have experience translating:

Technical: patents, palletising, railway, IT, CAT tools & translation technology, software, terminology software, hardware, logistics, shipping, architecture, printing, energy, environment, transport, industrial/civil engineering (general), infrastructure, weaving and the textile/clothing industry

Legal: contracts, IP, employment, articles of association/incorporation, terms & conditions

Business: annual reports, business correspondence, finance, property, insurance, HR, EU policy, public sector, management, audit reports, standards, tenders, public utilities, health & safety, government procurement

Education: I am the go-to translator for a number of large Dutch universities, and am at home in both traditional teaching methodologies as well as more esoteric approaches, such as Steiner-Waldorf and Montessori education, as a result of both personal interest and having attended them myself as a child.

Get in touch[edit | edit source]

For translation (or terminology) work, you can contact me via:

Michael Beijer
Dutch-English technical translator
Hastings, United Kingdom
Tel.: 447475771720