Axle counter system abbreviations (in patent ‘Redundancy switching of detection points’)

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Axle Counter Systems (ACE)

AC         axle counter system

ACE         axle counter evaluation device

CP         counting position

DP         basic detection point

DP′         additional detection point

RDP         duplicate detection point

TS         track section

IL         interlock

F         occupied state: free

O         Occupation Status: Occupied

D         defect [sometimes also called ‘disturbed’ or ‘failed’]

E         Error message of listed detection points

Quality factor of i (E), j (E) error E

∑i (E), ∑j (E) quality value

#         Axle counter value

Δ #         difference of axle counter value between basic detection point and related duplicate detection point

Th         threshold

P         data processor

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