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Name Info Platform
1Clipboard Discontinued as of 2016 Windows, macOS
AceText from Just Great Software Windows
CL3 Built with AutoHotkey.
ClipCache Pro Last release: 28 November 2020. By XRayz Software
ClipboardFusion Very powerful, especially macros, but pinned clips functionality is very limited. Windows, macOS, Linux
Clipboard Help+Spell Last release: 30 December 2019. On
Clipboard Magic
Clipboard Cache Pro OK, but not many extra features. Text expander, macros, etc.
CLCL My first love.
ClipTray (development stopped 2011)
ClipX Last release: 2005
Comfort Clipboard Pro
CopyQ Supports powerful macros (‘Commands’), such as this one.
Clipboard Master Windows
Ditto People always mentions this one but I’ve never found it particularly impressive.
Ethervane Echo Discontinued. Last version, 1.1.3, released in May 2012.
PasteCopy.NET Discontinued
PhraseExpander Like PhraseExpress, this program is more than just a clipboard manager. This is a very cool program, and might just end up replacing my trusty ArsClip + AutoCorrect.ahk combo.
PhraseExpress PhraseExpress is more than just a clipboard manager.

The program seems to have some issues with large clips. For example, if I copy a large amount of text to the clipboard, and then want to paste it somewhere using PhraseExpress, the program takes for ever (while it tells me it is ‘executing’ the current clip). During this time, I also cannot type in other programs. This is obviously a deal breaker.

Plain Clipboard Manager
ReClip a Text Reformatting and Clip Management Utility, written in AutoHotkey
Spartan Clipboard on Seems to be long dead.
Windows 10 Clipboard As usual, garbage from Microsoft.