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Tools[edit | edit source]

Name Dictation? Voice commands? Dictate in browser Dictate in any program Info
Braina Yes Yes Yes Dictate into third party software and websites, fill web forms and execute vocal commands.
Caster Yes No No Caster (built on the Dragonfly framework)
Click by Voice (by mdbridge) No Yes No No Chrome extension allowing activating links & other HTML elements w/ voice commands
Dragon Professional Individual (DPI) Yes Yes Yes Yes
DragonUtilities Add-Ons for Dragon Speech Recognition
KnowBrainer 2017 Command Utility (currently using this) No Yes No No
LipSurf Yes Yes Yes No Google Chrome extension, adds commands and (if you pay), dictation, inside Chrome. Interesting command called ‘Tags’ where all clickable UI elements in Chrome are numbered so you can click on them by voice. Similar to ‘Show numbers’ in KnowBrainer 2017, and a few other programs that offer the same functionality.

Seems to use Google’s speech recognition engine.

Otter.ai: Otter Voice Meeting Notes Yes
SpeechMagic Yes Example Nuance Communications acquired Philips owned. Medical industry focus according to Frost & Sullivan. Standalone or embedded.
Speechnotes Yes Yes
Speech Productivity (SP) Yes Yes Offers a much improved Dictation Box.
SpeechTexter Yes Yes
Talon Yes Yes Voice command software. Developer is currently developing his own speech engine (based on Facebook technology, if memory serves).
Tazti Create speech command profiles to play PC games and control applications – programs. Create speech commands to open files, folders, webpages, applications. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions.
Vocola / Unimacro No Yes No No Open source alternative to KnowBrainer 2017 (see above). Commands stored as easy-to-edit text.
VoiceComputer add-on for Dragon
Windows Speech Recognition / Cortana Yes Yes Crap, as usual, from Microsoft.

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