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Definition: ‘Form or shape (something) to particular measurements’ (Oxforddictionaries.com) 
Example: ‘the seats and backrests are dimensioned to withstand high loads from items such as unsecured luggage

the tube itself is precisely dimensioned’

Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • dimensioneren (gedimensioneerd, maatvoering, dimensionering, maatinschrijving)

English[edit | edit source]

  • dimension (Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology, by Graham P. Oxtoby)

IATE[edit | edit source]

dimensioneren, bemeten
dimension, proportion, size/sizing
structural design (Technical Dict of Road Terms, PIARC, 1990)
dimensionering met betrekking tot de brandwerendheid
structural fire design (Eur.Conv.for Constr.Steelwork)

Huitenga[edit | edit source]

determine the size of
deciding on the size of, system selection

Onroerend Goed Lexicon (OGL)[edit | edit source]

to dimension, to size
(m.b.t. tot elkaar, bijv. in skelet) to proportion
de installatie zal zodanig worden gedimensioneerd, dat … = the dimensions of the system will be such that …

Proz.com[edit | edit source]

‘De apparatuur kan kleiner worden gedimensioneerd, m.a.w. allerlei fysische grootheden kunnen kleiner worden gekozen dan anders het geval zou zijn. Zie ook jouw eerdere vraag.’ (Jack den Haan)

‘Low input harmonics feedback distortion (constant for all loads) means the customer saves in the sizing of upfront UPS equipment such as generator sets, cabling, circuit breakers, etc, whilst reducing the disturbance on nearby equipment.’ osp (X)