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Aimed at translators[edit | edit source]

Name Online Desktop OS Licence Price Multi-currency Import data Export data Mobile app Info
BaccS Windows Commercial Yes Yes Yes No see: ‘SDL Trados Business Manager’ below
Flantie Commercial ? No Can't figure out how to do multi-currency.
Fred (by Lexigo) ‘Lexigo is a leading translation technology and services provider for business, enterprise and government. Fred has been built on the foundation of Lexigo’s own award-winning technology, all the advantages of Lexigo’s technology have been built in to Fred to ensure freelancers can get the same benefits technology has provided Lexigo.’
Gespoint x Windows Commercial x Commercial Yes Yes No
LTC Worx (🕱) Commercial looks like it died around 2014
MiniTPMS Commercial ‘translation and localization project management system’ designed for owners, project managers, financial managers in translation and localization companies, with around 2-30 in-house colleagues and, who work for both bigger translation agencies as well as end clients (summarised from their website)
OTM Commercial €240/month
OTM SOLISTA Commercial (development seems to have stalled back in 2014)
Promikbook / Acconomy ? Commercial (looks interesting, but it's all in Swedish)
Protemos x Commercial Yes No (online, Freelance and Enterprise versions. Freelance version is free, Enterprise has 3 months trial)
Quahill x Windows Commercial (w/ free version) My notes: Actually looks pretty good, but the fonts are just too small for me to see comfortably. A pity. Versions: (1) QuaHill Enterprise (for LSPs) (2) QuaHill Premium (for freelancers with partners) (3) QuaHill Basic (for freelancers)(free!).
RuLingo Free from freelancers No
SDL Trados Business Manager (formerly ‘BaccS’) x Windows Commercial Yes Yes Started off as ‘BaccS’ (as a challenger to TO3000), then sponsored by, and finally bought by SDL. Currently pivoting into a tool mainly geared towards agencies. Currently my go-to invoicing/accounting app.
simpli ‘With a marketing-first approach, Simpli helps freelance translators acquire new customers and in addition to managing projects, quotes, invoices. Simpli beautiful.’ (project looks dead to me)
TO3000 (Translation Office 3000) x Windows Commercial Yes The one most people will have heard of as it used to be the only one.It was never great, but IYAM, it took a turn for the worse when they upgraded it to the ‘3D’ version. I still own a licence, but don't use it.
TOM Agency Edition x Windows Commercial Developed by Joachim Voigt. Tools is currently only being marketed in German, but English version exists.
TOM Solito for Freelance Translators x Windows Commercial (see above)
Translation Projex Commercial $99/month ‘TranslationProjex is a web-based project management system that you can access anywhere there is an Internet connection. The system is optimised for mobile devices and looks great whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop PC.’ for agencies (starts at $99/month)
Name Platform Multi-currency Import data Export data Mobile app Info

General[edit | edit source]

Name Platform Licence Multi-currency Import data Export data Mobile app Info
]project-open[ (‘]po[’) Open source Yuk.
]project translation[ Open source (open-source TMS, but requires some costly plugins, e.g. database for freelancers, to become fully usable in an agency)
Akaunting Web Commercial x (but works relatively well in browser on mobile)
Avaza Potentially interesting, but way too much crap I don't want or need. Time tracking, sales funnels, etc.
Bitrix24 Web Commercial
Bookipi Web Commercial
Bokio Web Commercial
Brightbook Web Commercial No custom invoice sequences per client possible.
ClearBooks Web Commercial Serious rounding issue: System automatically rounds up. For example, €0.095/word gets changed to €0.10/word, which obviously makes the system unusable in the context of CAT tools.
CloudBooks Web Commercial x
crater Web, Mobile Open source Install on your own server.
Debitoor Web Commercial x Doesn't quite offer all I need, but I like its simplicity and decent Android app. Also, it's one of the very few apps online that specifically uses translator-related keywords on its web pages.
dotProject Open source dotProject is an open source project management system written in PHP.
Express Invoice (from NCH Software) This company offers a huge range of strange, free crap. Avoid at all costs.
FreeAgent Web Commercial
FreshBooks Web Commercial Kind of weird looking UI
Harpoon x
Hiveage Commercial UI (on mobile and web) isn't that great.
HoneyBook Web Commercial
Holded Web Commercial Interesting but too expensive.
KashFlow Web Commercial initial impression is it looks cheap
Kashoo Web Commercial
Invoice2Go Web Commercial x ‘It is possible to get paid in more than one currency, but Invoice2go is not yet optimized for this scenario and the data may not be processed correctly. If you need to get paid in multiple currencies (e.g. British Pounds and Euros), we recommend creating multiple Invoice2go accounts to keep your data consistent.’
InvoiceBerry Web Commercial
Invoicera Web Commercial Pretty comprehensive but seems kind of slow.
InvoiceLion Self-hosted €0 Forever; Hosted €10 Per Year
Invoice Expert (Lite) Windows Yikes
Invoicely Web Commercial
Invoice Meister Web Commercial
InvoiceNinja Web Commercial Can be installed Softaculous[1] (e.g. in the Namecheap cPanel). See also: +
Invoice Office
InvoicePlane Web Open source InvoicePlane is a self-hosted open source application for managing your quotes, invoices, clients and payments.
Invoice Simple Web Commercial 3 free invoices & estimates, upgrade @ £5.99/month for unlimited
Mr Biller Web Commercial
QuickBooks Online Web Commercial
Quickfile Web Commercial (w/ free plan)
Nomisma Web Commercial
Plutio Commercial ‘Everything you need to run your business’. Too much stuff I don't really need.
Rounded Web Commercial I gave this a fair try a few years ago. Pretty decent offering by an Australian company who now also has a version geared to wards the UK.
Scoro Commercial
vcita Web Commercial Don't need the marketing stuff.
Xero Web Commercial
Zervant Web Commercial
Zoho Invoice Web Commercial
Name Platform Multi-currency Import data Export data Mobile app Info

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