Lichtstraal, straal licht, straal van licht

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Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • lichtstraal (lijn van het licht / licht zoals het zich van punt tot punt voortplant)

English[edit | edit source]

Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology (Graham P. Oxtoby)
light beam, light ray, beam of light
Van Dale NL>EN
ray of light
(breder) beam / shaft of light
(spleet ook) chink of light
(bliksem) flash of lightning
(figuurlijk, synoniem = lichtpunt) ray of light / sunshine; gleam of hope, bright spot, redeeming feature
IATE - Fiberoptic Sensor Technology Handbook (1986, OPTECH)
light ray
Definition: ‘a line perpendicular to the wavefront of a lightwave indicating its direction of propagation and representing the lightwave itself’
IATE - Radio Shack Modern Dictionary of Electronics (Rudolf F. Graf, 1978)
beam of light, light beam
Definition: ‘a beam of directed light rays, coming from one source’