Meester in de rechten, meester, mr. (Dutch law degree)

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Regarding titles such as the Dutch ‘mr.’, in her book Righting English that’s gone Dutch, Joy Burrough-Boenisch says: ‘The potential for misinterpretation is sufficient reason for avoiding such Dutch titles in English texts..... A more valid reason is that in English it is not conventional to address academics by the name of their degree - unless the degree is a doctorate’ and ‘Remember that in English the only titles used are Professor (or its abbreviation Prof.) and Dr. - never used together for one person.’

(‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch)

English[edit | edit source]

  • [usually best left out!]

Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • meester in de rechten
  • meester
  • mr.

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