MemoQ’s version of Déjà Vu’s great ‘Lexicon’ feature

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Many moons ago, Déjà Vu created a feature called the ‘Lexicon’. This was a special kind of termbase where you could put any terms that were specific to your current project, which would then be highlighted to differentiate them from any matches from your regular termbases. It took the competition quite a while but these days several other CAT tools now have similar features.

memoQ, for example, allows you to assign rankings to termbases (higher or lower). You can also send terms to a particular termbase while translating with a specific shortcut.

Higher ranking term matches in the ‘Translation results’ window are shown in a darker blue, which makes them stand out nicely.

In the ‘Translation results settings’ dialogue, you can also specify that these darker blue matches are shown above any lower ranking (lighter blue) matches in the ‘Translation results’ window.

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