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Name Info Tables? Platform URL
AllMyNotes Organizer Gaudy UI. (Win, paid)
AM-Notebook ‘multi-featured personal information manager’. Nice, but I don't need the calendar, contacts and to-do tabs. (Win, paid)
Apple Notes
Box Notes Sort of like a cross between using Dropbox Paper & Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.) as a note-taking app. Has a free plan.
CintaNotes No Windows
Clickup Way too complicated and full of sales stuff for my purposes. Web, Mobile
Code Notes A simple code snippet manager for developers built with Electron & Vue.js
Dabble ‘Dabble - Craft your story. The online/offline cloud-based writing tool. Dabble is an easy-to-use online writing tool, packed with helpful features that allows beginning novelists and published authors to create amazing stories.Like Scrivener. Minus the Learning Curve.’
Document Node Very interesting writing and publishing tool. Good Markdown editor, including table editor. Yes
Dropbox Paper I am really trying to make it work, since I am quite heavily invested in Dropbox already (since it's the only cloud sync solution with decent delta sync. However, so far the UI seems pretty disjointed.
Dynalist similar to Workflowy
Epsilon Notes
Evernote Not perfect, but still the best note-taking solution available at the moment, in terms of all the things that it can do. Free-form (hierarchical) folders would be very welcome though. I hate being forced to structure everything using only Stacks and (un-nestable) Notebooks. Yes Web, Mac/Windows, Andoid/iOS
Google Drive Google Drive = Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, etc. Use Google Drive interface (web, Android) as your note folder system, and created notes as Google Docs, Sheets, etc. Web, Mobile
Google Keep No formatting or tables! Also no folders. Only tags.

Plus, it's made by Google, so might just disappear next month, after being renamed 5 times ;-)

Joplin I had decided on Joplin as my main note-taking app, but then tried to edit a long (markdown) table or to-do list on my Android phone. Not a great experience, to say the least. Desktop, Android
OneNote just don’t like it. the UI design, and specifically the stupid idea of notebooks > sections, etc., is just a mess
Roam Research
KeyNote NF (Win, free)
Leanote Chinese
Manuskript Open-source tool for writers. With outliner, character management, plot development, distraction-free editor, etc.
Microsoft OneNote Windows, Android, Web
Microsoft Windows Journal
My Notes Keeper ‘free-form notes/outliner application’. Highly recommended. Quality Chinese software. Windows
Notion Desktop, Web, Mobile
Nimbus Note Pages/documents load a little slow, but actually a very interesting, comprehensive note-taking solution. See e.g.: “But now after a month, I'm so fed up with this shit. Nimbus Note is really, really, really slow. Not the app itself, but the servers. It takes a good 30 seconds to switch between simple notes which is just unacceptable." (
Notebooks You can create Markdown tables, or copy/paste in a table from e.g. Word/Evernote, but you can't actually edit the rich text table. You can edit the markdown table though. No, not really
Nuclino Minimalist wiki. OK, but am not a real fan of the UI. Multiplatform.
Personal Knowbase ‘free-form text database and note organizer software’. Strange.
Quip Supports cool stuff, like good tables and formatting but is very business oriented (teams, collaboration, work chat, etc.), which isn’t really my cup of tea.
Simplenote No
Synology Note Station
TreeDBNotes Seems to be dead now.
Tomboy Cross-platform (Mono/GTK+)
Ulysses Mac
WhizFolders ‘list-based Outliner and Organizer for all your notes, ideas and writing projects’. Tested. Too much distracting stuff. (Win, paid)
Wiznote “Leave Brain for Thinking, Let WizNote to Remember.” Chinese
Ultra Recall
Zoho Notebook Pretty good. Just wish there would be a better way to always show folders/notes in list view.

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