Oploopkast, stofoploopkast, stofoploop (Printing)

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Definition: ‘Tank in which the head or level of the papermaking stuff is regulated to provide uniform flow on the paper machine wire.’ (Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries, 2nd Edition)

Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries, 2nd Edition[edit | edit source]

Dutch[edit | edit source]

  • oploopkast
  • stofoploopkast
  • stofoploop

English[edit | edit source]

  • head box, headbox
  • breast box
  • flow box

German[edit | edit source]

  • Stoffauflaufkasten
  • Stoffeinlauf
  • Maschinenbütte

Spanish[edit | edit source]

  • caja de entrada
  • caja de alimentación

French[edit | edit source]

  • bac de tête
  • caisse d’arrivée
  • tête de machine

Italian[edit | edit source]

  • cassa d’afflusso
  • serbatoio a livello di carico regolato

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