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  • (dupliceren) copy
  • (met behulp van overtrekpapier) trace
  • (zaak, bedrijf) take over
  • (op zich nemen) take (over), <hoger stijlniveau> assume
  • [TELECOM.] (relayeren) relay
  • (in ontvangst) nemen receive
  • (navolgen) adopt, take up, copy
  • (kopen) take over, buy, purchase
  • (ontlenen) borrow, adopt, take over / on
  • (relayeren) relay
  • override[1]
  • (opzetten) barring-on[2]
  • take-over[3]
  • underwrite (overnemen van emissies = to underwrite issues)

synonyms[edit | edit source]

overnemen, overgenomen, overname, nam over
  1. IATE: a manual control function that enables the operator to modify programmed values (for example, of feedrates or spindle speeds). Definition reference: ISO 2806-1980
  2. IATE: The operation of manipulating the transfer bar to a position and pushing the rib borders or other knitted pieces by hand off the points onto the needles of a straight-bar.If this operation is done automatically,it is called transferring. - THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, MANCHESTER, 1975
  3. IATE: Reference: Ned PTT,Afd Telefonie;Philips Telecommunicatie Industrie