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I used to use CodeZapper (by David Turner), but switched to TransTools a while back, as it is mush more actively developed than CodeZapper, and contains many more tools.

However, one thing that has always confused me is the difference between the original TransTools, and the new TransTools+. I therefore emailed the developer and here's what he said:

Hi Stanislav,

I just bought your new TransTools+, but am not entirely clear whether I still need to keep TransTools Professional Edition installed or not. That is, does the ‘+’ version also contain all the other tools or just those two new ones?

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the purchase! TransTools+ is a separate add-in so you will need TransTools installed as well. The thing is, TransTools+ is based on .NET while the original TransTools is a VBA add-in, so it is not possible at this moment to merge them. I hope to migrate all major TransTools tools (with added features and more user-friendliness) into TransTools+ in the future.

Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Stanislav Okhvat

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