What to do when a TMX import fails?

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Question: I'm trying to import a tmx file for a client, which I think is exported from Trados, and use it in OmegaT. I get the notification “Failed to import” because of, apparently, a single parse error. Can I just go in and fix that with a text/html editor? I tried to open it in TextWrangler, but it seemed unable to open the file. Do I rename it to .XML?

Any help appreciated!

-Thijs Vissia

Answer: When Trados TMXs fail to import into a program (which is often), I always fix them by running Edit > Clean Up TM in Heartsome TMX editor. This fixes them 99% of the time.


Michael Beijer

See: https://www.proz.com/forum/omegat_support/341612-anything_to_do_when_a_tmx_import_fails.html