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MedDRA: Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Medical No content, just ref.
Medical abbreviations (262 terms) NL/EN Abbreviations
Microsoft Excel function translations (481 Dutch-English entries) NL/EN IT
Microsoft Language Portal Multiple languages IT
Multilingual Dictionary of the Gas Industry (International Gas Union, IGU) EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/NO/CZ/PL/SL/RU Boilers English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, Slovenian and Russian
Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages EN/NL/FR/DE/IT/ES/PT/DA Medical (1,830 terms in 9 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish)
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ Belgium - Flanders ➔ Glossary NL/EN Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ The Netherlands ➔ Glossary NL/EN Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’
Nuffic.nl: Education systems ➔ United States ➔ Glossary NL/EN Education ‘A list with explanations of terms often used.’
NUFFIC Glossary NL/EN Education Last version (as of 31 Aug 2020) of an amazing Dutch-English glossary of terms used in higher education. Discontinued.
‘Octrooien! Een introductie voor het hoger onderwijs’ (Verklarende woordenlijst) (RVO.nl) NL Patents
Ontwerpgrondslag Elektrotechnische Installaties Terminalcomplex: AFKORTINGEN (Schiphol Nederland B.V.) NL/EN Abbreviations 29 entries
Oosthoek: ‘Oosthoek’s Geïllustreerde Encyclopaedie’, ‘Oosthoek’s Encyclopaedie’, ‘De Grote Oosthoek’, etc. NL Encyclopedias
Open Dutch WordNet (ODWN) NL/EN
Osha.gov ➔ Scaffolding eTool EN Scaffolding
Over 800 Abbreviations of religious orders EN Abbreviations, Religion
Pallet Terminology from A-Z (Palletconsultants.com) EN Palletising https://www.palletconsultants.com/blog/pallet-terminology
Palletiser glossary (Palletizing.com) EN Palletising 41 English entries, with definitions
Palletizing Glossary (Columbia, Palletizing.com) EN Palletising
Patentese: A dialect of English? T.E.R. Singer and Julian F. Smith (Journal of Chemical Education 1967) EN Patents
Patents: Degrees of preference (Dutch-English) NL/EN Patents
PatTR: Patent Translation Resource alignments (aligned by Michael Beijer, in 2015) DE/EN, EN/FR, FR/DE Patents In 2015, I went through quite a bit of trouble to convert this monstrous dataset …[1]
Politie afkortingen (regio17.info) (345 Dutch acronyms) NL Abbreviations
PRADO glossary - Technical terms related to security features and to security documents in general Multilingual PRADO = PUBLIC REGISTER OF AUTHENTIC TRAVEL AND IDENTITY ...[2]
PRINCE2:2009 – Translation List (Dutch) NL/EN Business, PRINCE2 PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment)[3]
Pump glossary with 1,134 Dutch-English terms NL/EN Pumps
Pump Terminology Glossary (SteelPumps UK) EN Pumps English terms, defined
Puzzelwoordenboek NL Puzzelwoordenboek Found on stolk.nu.
Qaz.wiki, nl.qaz.wiki, etc. (ad-ridden Wikipedia mirrors) Michael Beijer
Radboud Universiteit Vertaallijst NL-EN NL/EN Education ‘De Vertaallijst bestaat uit up-to-date Nederlands-Engelse vertalingen …[4]
RIGD-LOXIA > railDocs > Afkortingen NL Railway
‘Righting English that’s gone Dutch’, by Joy Burrough-Boenisch (2004) NL/EN Translation, Dunglish
Scaffolding Glossary: Dutch-English (Beijerpedia.com) NL/EN Scaffolding very small glossary
Signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements in 23 languages_europa.eu.xlsx (in 23 languages) BG/ES/CS/DA/DE




signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements in all 23 languages of the EU
Some notes on Dutch-English patent terms (Michael Beijer) NL/EN Patents, Michael Beijer
Stripfiguren Tekenen - by Jack Hamm, Aart van den End (Translator), Noor Tupker-van de Beemer (Translator)(1992) NL (translated from EN) Translated books Translated from English into Dutch by Aart van den End, author of the ‘Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon’ (JurLex), among other important dictionaries.
Taalvlinder.com: A great website that collects Dutch-English specialist glossaries. NL/EN
Taalvlinder.com: ‘Termen uit de bouw – Engelse termen uit de bouw- en doe-het-zelf-wereld verzameld en vertaald door Erik Brommeijer’ NL/EN Construction Glossary of construction terms by Erik Brommeijer

5,998 Dutch-English entries

TechDico.com (‘1 billion translations categorized by activity in 28 languages’) Multilingual Technical TechDico: ‘The translation tool TechDico gives you access to …[5]
Terminologie gebruikt in zakelijke brieven, Nederlands-Pools NL/PO Business free.download.business.letters.dutch.polish.translations.xls
Textile Glossary (Dutch, English, German, French)(‘2000-textieltermen.xls’) NL/EN/DE/FR Textile Can't remember where I found this online, but I've archived it on Beijer.uk (see link to the right) for future googlers.
Textiles Intelligence: Glossary EN Textile ‘This glossary is provided by Textiles Intelligence as a service to its customers and contains definitions for terms commonly used in the textile industry.’
Textile: Misc. glossaries online (require further processing) Textile Original list found at: https://www.ats-group.net/glossaries/glossary-lexicon-textile.html
‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary […]’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (1850)[6] EN/NL/DE/DA/NO/SE/FR/IT/ES/PT/RU Dictionaries
The Patent Translator’s Handbook (American Translators Association, 2007) EN Patents
Thumb Ease Webster’s Dictionary (Ottemheimer, 1983) EN This was probably my first dictionary ever. Dated 1988.
Toets- en onderwijstermen Nederlands-Engels (Cito, www.toetsenopschool.nl) NL/EN Education
Tribology Glossary - Werktuigbouw en Tribotechniek (tribologie.nl) NL/EN Mechanical engineering (2,738 Dutch-English entries)
UIC RailLexic Abbreviations Railway
UIC RailLexic Subject fields Railway
UNESCO International Glossary of Hydrology
USPTO Glossary: A-Z definitions of intellectual property terminology EN Patents USPTO = United States Patent and Trademark Office
Verklarend Informatica Woordenboek (C. van Uitert; Samson, 1989) NL/EN IT English/Dutch computing dictionary; ISBN: 9789014037967; 2e druk, 198. 1063 pages
Verkortingen’ (Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak- & bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen) NL Railway ‘Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak- & bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen …[7]
Vertaalwijzer Engels-Nederlands (Chris P. Odijk) NL/EN Translation ‘Deze handleiding laat zien hoeveel valkuilen er kunnen zitten ...[8]
verwijzingen_naar_ingetrokken_normen_1e_kwartaal_2016_3.xls NL/EN NEN-EN
Vlaams woordenboek, Het NL/BE Flemish/Vlaams Op deze web site kunt ge beschrijvingen van Vlaamse woorden, termen en …[9]
Water, Ramp en (Neder)land: Lijst met gebruikte afkortingen NL 97 Dutch abbreviations
What are the Parts of a Patent Application? (Watson Intellectual Property Group) EN Patents Very clear description of the structure of a patent application.
Why Opting for a Dedicated, Professional, Off-the-shelf Dictionary Writing System Matters (Gilles-Maurice de Schryver) EN Archived on Beijerpedia.com here.
Wikipedia:Lists of common misspellings
Woerterbuch.pdf FR/NL/EN/DE Textile Multilingual textile glossary created by Wuppertaler Garn Service GmbH (WGS)
Woordenboeken en hun makers - Een selectie uit Trefwoord 1-9 (Nicoline van der Sijs e.a., 1998)
Woordenboek geneeskunde en biomedische wetenschappen Nederlands-Engels (P.L.M. Kerkhof) NL/EN Medical Approx. 10,913 Dutch-English entries.
Woordenboek waterbouwkundige termen (438 Dutch-English terms) NL/EN Hydraulic engineering
Ziekenhuis.nl Woordenboek – Dutch-English Medical Dictionary NL/EN Medical (1,858 entries)

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. In 2015, I went through quite a bit of trouble to convert this monstrous dataset into .tmx files so translators can use them in their CAT tools. I used to charge a small fee for them, but have since started offering them for free. For more info, see the page. See also: https://www.proz.com/forum/translator_resources/279716-tmx_from_parallel_corpus_of_patent_translation_resource.html
  3. ‘PRINCE2 (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is part of the Global Best Practice suite of publications, which helps organizations and individuals manage their projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively. It is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of project practitioners sponsors, trainers, and academics worldwide.’ (https://tsoshop.co.uk/product/9780113312252/Business-and-Management/AXELOS-Global-Best-Practice/AXELOS-Membership/ITIL-Membership/Managing-Successful-Projects-with-PRINCE2reg-Dutch-Translation-Paperback)
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  5. TechDico: ‘The translation tool TechDico gives you access to the most valuable translation ressources available: • IATE (european terminology), • Eur-Lex-Europa.eu (european law texts), • WIPO (international patents), • CJKI (Asian languages glossaries) and to multilingual specialized dictionaries.’
  6. '''Full title''': ‘The mariner’s and merchant’s polyglot technical dictionary of upwards of five thousand nautical, steam, and ship-building terms, commercial and scientific, in ten different languages, ... with a precise explanatory key to the pronunciation of these languages, and a comparative table of the money, weights and measures of sea ports’ by Karel Pieter Ter Reehorst (Creator)(1850)
  7. Tweetalig Woordenboek van vak- & bestuurstaal bij Belgische Spoorwegen door L-J. Metdepenninghen, toegevoegd dienstoverste en X.-F. Smeesters, oud ambtenaar bij het Ministerie van Spoorwegen, Zeewezen, Posterijen, Telegrafen, Telefonen en Luchtvaart. (Fransch-Nederlandsch)
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