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Bunb Bunb Octagon 7, Michael Beijer
In Indonesian, wkwkwk actually don't have any special meaning. It is just a word use in chatting or social media to indicate that we are laugh. It is quite has the same meaning to LOL (laugh out loud) in English. Hahaha mean in Indonesian. We know that in real life, people's laugh usually sounds similar to “hahaha”. 25 Jun 2019

(Why Do Indonesians Use “wkwkwk” for “hahaha”? @ masteringbahasa.com)
‘There was no landmark, there was no land mine.’ (Michael Beijer, 2015)
‘There was no landmark, there was no land mine.’ (Michael Beijer, 2015)

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  1. ‘59 Sec. Puppet Information Storm Console’
  2. a 3'39-min. movie made with a cheap webcam. (sunlight, tea glass, green tea) the soundtrack is a mix (made in Garage Band) of the following pieces of (my own) music: 6 (two tone - Thonk), D2, Piano (Connector_iXi) Sp.1, & Ef-Slot (which is made of edited recordings of a steel bike lock), Utrecht 2005.
  3. Music: Passive Attack, by Polvo Images: my drawing/collages